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Black Friday
Nov 2010

Why do all the vendors think they should email me about an event occurring in a foreign country?

If you're listening, I delete all email which refers to Thanksgiving or Black Friday without reading it. Show at least some slight interest in your potential clients by not insulting them this way. Thanksgiving was way back in October - remember? You already emailed me about that. We don't have two of these, just one, and its in the past. If you want to tell me about a sale you are having, don't do it by referring to some foreign nations holidays -- that's just plain stupid.

By the way, same goes for other foreign holidays. Independence day? WTF is that? You know what that is? It's a "don't send me email about it, you inconsiderate jerk" holiday.

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What is the first name of the basketball player nicknamed "Linsanity"?

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Anon says: Yeah, that stuff bugs me too.
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