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Architectural Metrics
Dec 2010

To gauge the success of the architectural process, we must define metrics at the outset by which we can judge the success later. The business side should participate in defining those metrics, as it is the business we serve, after all.

I didn't actually type that with a straight face. It's crap.

Why are we trying to judge the success of the process? Because we are used to having mixed results. In other words, FAIL.

A list of arbitrary metrics will not cause the project to succeed. OK, fine, that's not the intent. So why do it? It won't help the success; it may assist with the soon-to-be-forgotten "lessons learned". Pointless.

How about this: let's have a resounding success to begin with.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us.

I have driven numerous projects to success. The secret? It's not to be found in a book, a process, a metric, a tool, a style of ...whatever. In simple words - good people, good design, solid vision, good people, good people, good people.

You must have a critical mass of good people. No process or whatever can fix a project otherwise.

And metrics? Really? No sir. The projects goals will change over time. The business requirements will change over time. The design must be flexible enough to accommodate constant change. And the people must be good enough to understand business, technology, and change. The patterns they need to understand are not found in books, they are found through experience, and lead to that good design.

But I digress.

Metrics? No thank you.
I much prefer success

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Ivory Tower Resident says: This blasphemy will get you burned at the stake. Be warned...

Some Guy says: This kinda stuff comes from ppl wanting to justify their jobs, and have something to point to when the project fails - "not my fault". Execs can't really tell if the ppl they hired are 'good people'. Can't qualify the design as good. They can't trust. Execs have lots of other ppls money to spend, so all this creates a market for ppl to write books describing processes and mechanisms for execs to judge success/failure before its too late. They trust books, cuz -hey- they are books.
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