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Meet in the Middle
Dec 2010

Enterprise Architecture seeks to divvy up another useless role, responsibilities, process, methodology, metrics, etc, etc, etc. It's another over-paid high level role for failed humans to fill-in.

C'mon, really?

Perhaps it's because we continue to fail so often and so gloriously that we feel the need for more process? Truth is, that just makes failure more expensive. The very same people which caused earlier failures should not be put into Ivory Towers and empowered to repeat themselves. We're just giving them new titles and new ways to do it.


A better approach to succeed is this: meet in the middle.

Let's face it - going all ivory tower is no good for anyone or anything. At the core, you have developers building the very foundation of your enterprise. We need to be close to them, understand what they are doing, and guide them properly. If you don't know what concrete (cement) is, how can you design the foundations of your enterprise? Thus I propose building the foundation whilst your BA's are gathering requirements, and let everyone do their job.


Make sure your design is adaptable, the foundation is flexible, the business and management understand that you can succeed without fully scoping out requirements, 'cause hell, they're just going to change anyway.

Have all your people doing their jobs, communication, and, you guessed it, they all meet in the middle; the high level folks, the developers, etc, they all just meet somewhere in the middle.

Of course, you need a core set of competent folk to make this work. Without that, perhaps you do need that Enterprise Architect after all? If you're going to fail, do it big!

To avoid fail, take note:

  • It's all going to change - design for it
  • Put good people in charge
  • Stay out of their way
  • Put away the project plan - just set target completion dates and have faith

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DMW Consulting says: interesting, but really... Purple?

Steve Marmer says: Your depth of thought there is an inspiration to the software community. Thanks dave. I will have to entirely rethink my position on architecture, process and procedure, methodologies et al. You, sir, are a genius. Why doesn't the rest of the world know about you!
Herb Utzmelz says: Am not sure :) but I still think that quote up there shouldn't be made with such conviction. Even if you try to throw it back at some guynamed 'Dave'
Test says: How can I best use the remaining 976 characters?

Test Helper says: Hey Test, thanks for the comments. No need to use all the characters tho.

Anonymous Poster says: So, like. The Fail link is much better now. You're gonna love it.

Fail Link says: OH! But i do!

Fail Link says: bwa ha ha, someone cloned this page - must be too damn stupid to create their own
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