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Software Future
Nov 2010

It can be really time consuming. Much of that time is spent doing very much the same thing for each project.

That's where libraries and so-called frameworks come in - to help reduce the burden. Many of these impose a learning curve burden, and an integration burden, however. The complexity they add is further exacerbated by the lack of experience and talent.

Let's face it. Code today has hardly changed from its very roots. Time for an upgrade.

The time and cost of modern development is tremendously inflated. Most projects de-scope and push dates out so they can ship buggy products and begin the maintenance cycle.

This does not have to be the case.

What is missing is not A Process, A Tool, or any other "A ....". It is the next evolutionary step in development.

Let us have business people describe their business in their language. Let's have coders write code, data modellers model. When you put it all together, the model, the code, the business rules, as originally defined by the subject matter experts.....THAT IS CODE! Forget code generation, libraries, tools, translation, documentation, and frameworks.

What have we got?

We have a whole new paradigm for creating software. This is no general purpose ASCII text with compiler crap. It's a paradigm. We're talking full referential integrity at the definition level. We're talking drag and drop business rules, enterprise data definition with localized views, data constraints applied to data and validated by the platform as appropriate. We're talking the end of configuration, the end of annotation, the end of all such miscellaneous BS that "modern" tools and compilers and libraries and frameworks impose on the poor "modern" developer.

We are talking simplicity.

We are not talking embedded. We are not talking games development. We are talking business. Business needs to manage data, security, ever changing rules and constraints, and a server room full of applications old and new that need to work together. The technology landscape keeps changing. Why has development stagnated for 50 years?

This simplicity is coming soon. It will totally change the way business applications are developed.

They will be

  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • More Secure
  • More integrated into the enterprise
  • Higher quality
  • Produced in a fraction of the time, with full scope, delivering true business value

The truth is in the pudding, and early versions of some this technology is currently in production around the world. It has withstood the test of production volumes and exceeded all expectations.

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